Nancy Pelosi Refused To Let Troops Intervene In January 6th, While Mark Meadows Tried

( The House Select Committee discovered on Jan. 6 that former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows had been warned about the possibility of violence before the riot. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also warned but refused to prepare.

Meadows was warned by former advisor Cassidy Hutchinson, who the committee subpoenaed.

Hutchinson told the panel in March that she knew there were issues raised with Mr. Meadows and that others told him there might be violence on the 6th but wasn’t sure what he did with that information.

A 248-page court document disclosed the testimony in an ongoing legal drama involving Meadows and the Select Committee over White House records.

“House panel says Meadows was warned Jan. 6 may get violent,” was a typical news headline.

“Meadows was told Jan. 6 may turn violent,” said another.

“New court records reveal Meadows was warned of violence before Jan. 6,” – wrote The Washington Post.

If Meadows was warned about violence around a politically sensitive issue protest, the committee should consider why Pelosi opposed requests to send the National Guard up to six times.

As the Select Committee first discovered in December, Meadows assured the National Guard would be ready to preserve order. The documents show a White House chief of staff who did not disregard violent threats, as the Jan. 6 investigation committee said.

The Select Committee found that on January 6, Mr. Meadows sent an email about the activities, saying the National Guard would be present to protect pro-Trump people. After four months, the material now undermines the panel’s newest made-up controversy.

Nearly everyone in Washington anticipated that political turmoil might erupt at the end of a violent election cycle. The Capitol Hill parking attendants were also warned.

An email was sent saying that as a precaution against large-scale public protests, entry to the Capitol Plaza would be restricted-

“For the safety and security of House employees, we highly urge staff to park at the Cannon and Longworth House Underground Garages.”

It’s careless thinking for Meadows, a former four-term Congressman, to be unaware that large rallies may become violent.

Pelosi had the authority to prepare for what was to come on Capitol Hill, but she refused.

Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund says the agency asked Speaker Pelosi six times before the Jan. 6 incident to send the National Guard. Sund claimed Pelosi’s House Sergeant at Arms, Paul Irving, believed the deployment was terrible “optics.”

Pelosi and other House Democrats had previously criticized the use of federal soldiers to control the city’s violent riots.

In contrast, Pelosi’s Select Committee deputies have publicly declared they do not want to look into her responsibilities.