Nancy Pelosi Promises She’ll Take Action Over “Climate Change” As She Ignores Pressing Issues

( Both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke at a press conference for the League of Conservation Voters on Wednesday vowing to take action on climate change.

Calling it “an imperative,” Pelosi said that the job must be done and Congress fully intends to do it.

Senator Schumer meanwhile vowed “big, bold action” over the next few months the likes of which the nation or the world has ever seen before. Schumer added that fires, heat waves and floods are “evidence” of a “climate crisis.”

Or perhaps heat waves and floods are evidence of “weather,” while fires are evidence of “poor forest management.”

Schumer then claimed that, while the COVID pandemic was “horrible,” unless something is done on climate, every year will be worse than COVID.

But when you consider that what made the COVID pandemic especially bad was the government’s response to it, it is far more probable that what would make subsequent years worse would be the government’s attempts to “take action” on the “climate.”

Schumer then talked up the so-called “climate provisions” in the negotiated bipartisan infrastructure deal. But he really played up the onerous $3.5 Trillion spending package pretending to be an infrastructure bill telling the press that it create what he called a “robust Civilian Climate Corps.”

Schumer explained that “as the crisis comes closer and closer,” the government will be ready because they’ll have “an educated corps” who will be able to fight off the weather by doing … well, it isn’t exactly clear what this “Civilian Climate Corps” will do precisely. Perhaps go door-to-door scolding Americans who run air conditioning on a hot day or drive a gas-guzzling car. Or perhaps these “educated corps” will be charged with going into schools and terrifying the kiddies about the “climate crisis” and how to badger their parents over it. Who knows?

Of course Schumer also had harsh words for his Republican colleagues whom he accused of being “in the palm of the oil, gas and coal industry.” Schumer claimed that “everyone knows” that there is a climate crisis and it is spreading. Well, everyone, Schumer explained, except the people with their head in the sand and his Republican colleagues.

What neither Pelosi nor Schumer seem especially concerned about is the fate of the US Economy or the American people’s ability to earn a living, pay their bills, heat their homes, and put food on the table. Then again, when have the Democrats ever really cared about the things that truly matter Americans?