Nancy Pelosi Issues Announcement Blasting Donald Trump

( On July 30, the New York Times reported that it had obtained handwritten notes from a December 27, 2020 meeting between President Trump, acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue. The Times claimed the notes reveal that when Donoghue warned that the DOJ had no power to change the outcome of the 2020 election, President Trump told him to “just say that the election was corrupt,” adding “leave the rest to me.”

Law Professor Margot Cleveland of The Federalist examined the handwritten notes in question and broke down exactly why the so-called “explosive” report was fake news.

The Times cited the quotes out of order.

Trump’s “just say that the election was corrupt” comment was in response to an entirely different remark by Donoghue. The President made that comment after Donoghue told him that the DOJ should be able to quickly check if Pennsylvania had more votes than registered voters, however Justice can’t “snap its fingers” and change the outcome of the election.

Trump’s full response (according to the handwritten notes) was he didn’t “expect you to do that, just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.”

That change in context – missing from the New York Times story – completely changes the meaning of Trump’s words.

Keep in mind, this was not a transcription of a phone call meeting, but handwritten notes quickly scribbled down by Richard Donoghue during the meeting.

But that doesn’t matter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Armed with aerial cover from the New York Times, Speaker Pelosi announced last week that the House Oversight Committee was investigating Trump’s “efforts to unlawfully reverse the results of the election” based on these notes.

In her August 5 press statement, Pelosi specifically cited the out-of-context “just say that the election was corrupt” and “leave the rest to me,” claiming that Trump brought shame to the office.

In other words, the media and the Democrats are once again working in concert to destroy the former President based on dishonest reporting.