Musician Nominated For Awards He’s Banned From Accepting

( The nominees for this year’s American Music Awards were announced last Thursday and one of them will be unable to attend the awards ceremony because he has been banned.

Country artist Morgan Wallen was nominated for both favorite male country artist and favorite country album for his best-selling release “Dangerous: The Double Album.” But Wallen will have to watch the ceremony from home.

According to a statement from MRC Live & Alternative, Wallen was nominated based on charting, but since his “conduct” doesn’t align with their “core values,” they will not be including him on the show “in any capacity.” The statement goes on to suggest that they will “evaluate his progress” to see if Wallen shows the appropriate amount of penance for being caught using the N-word on video back in March.

Earlier this year, a video emerged showing Wallen using the racial slur. And after the outrage mob descended he offered an apology, pledged to donate half a million dollars to black organizations, and even vowed to get more involved with the black community. But even that wasn’t enough to satisfy them.

This is why you do not waste your time making a groveling apology. In the religion of Woke, there is no forgiveness no matter how penitent and groveling you are.

As much as they might want to blackball Wallen, sadly for the Woke, the American Music Award nominees are determined by an artist’s performance on the Billboard Charts rather than votes from committee or membership organizations. And since Wallen’s album did well in streaming, radio play, social engagement, and song sales, he qualified for the nominations.

Earlier this year, the Academy of Country Music Awards ruled Wallen ineligible for individual artistic categories such as entertainer and male vocalist of the year. They also barred him from attending the CMAs. However, the Academy recently announced that he would remain eligible for awards in categories that honor artistic works. This includes categories for singles, songs, albums, musical events, and music videos of the year.

Though he won the Billboard Music Awards for top country artist, top country male artist, and top country album for “Dangerous: The Double Album,” Wallen was also barred from attending that ceremony.