Music Star’s Events Cancelled Because She Sang For Trump

Carly Tefft, a country musician, performed the Star-Spangled Banner at a Donald Trump rally in April. Afterward, the venue allegedly canceled her scheduled appearances on Cape Cod.

Tefft talked about receiving a call from the proprietor of Harvest Gallery in Dennis, Massachusetts, only five days after her National Anthem. The restaurant is known for its art and music. According to Tefft, the owner of Harvest Gallery canceled her upcoming performances due to controversy, even though she has performed there multiple times before.

Tefft explained that the owner thought his customer base would feel threatened.

According to Tefft, the proprietor considered putting her name on the live music program equivalent to showcasing pornographic artwork.

She said that the owner had asked if she was a supporter of Donald Trump.

She sighed after hearing the question. She knew he had his mind made up regardless of what she said. 

She stated that she fully supports only God, and she felt the national anthem performance for a former president could bring the country together.

The owner appreciated the performer’s intelligence but canceled their shows for the rest of the year to benefit “his customer base.”

Tefft’s performances were canceled, but the bar’s owner invited her to come in for food and drink as usual. Tefft stated that she had never been barred from her work before.

According to her interview on the Howie Carr Show, she believed singing the National Anthem for a former president was a chance to unite people.  

On Wednesday, Tefft shared a video of her song “Freedom in This Country” on her Twitter account. The song’s lyrics contain the phrase, “Bring back those days/When We weren’t stuck in our ways/Time to be the change that we all want to see/And that’s freedom in this country.”