Murdered Woman’s Killer Lived With Her Body For Months

Police in Las Vegas say a murder suspect has been found living with his victim’s corpse. 

George Bone, 31, says he kept the body of a murder victim in a closet in case she resurrected.

A family member called the police on Wednesday, July 19, claiming Bone informed her that Beverly Ma “was in the closet and had been there for two months.” 

After Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) detectives checked on Ma’s well-being, they found her body and arrested Bone.

Police records indicate that Bone was suspected of strangling Ma in May at their home in the Enterprise area, which is adjacent to Harry Reid International Airport. She was found with a belt around her neck.

He reportedly told police that his conduct was “not normal” when Ma died and that he put a cooler against the closet door to be an alarm if she somehow returned from the dead. The house was kept at 60 degrees because flies started swarming.

The relative reportedly informed authorities that Ma and Bone were friends from high school and met over the summer, and decided to move in together.

A man and a woman could be heard yelling at one another on May 4th 911 call. No one opened the door when the police arrived. The reason the police didn’t go inside the house is unknown, but it is now believed Ma was killed that day.

Investigators say Bone began using Ma’s Amazon account while living at the house with Beverly in the upstairs closet. At one point, someone used the deceased cell phone to text a response to a July 4th party invitation. The text said she would not attend because she wanted to stay sober and not drive or be around people.

Bone insisted Ma committed suicide and said he was “afraid of going back to jail for being found with a dead body” when asked why he didn’t call the police. He said being a person of color would be used against him.

Bone was arrested on Thursday, July 27, and is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, August 1. There are no plans to release him on bail. He is on the Nevada sex offender register for a conviction of attempted lewdness with a child in February 2014.