Murder Trial Begins of Man and Woman He Cheated With for Decades

Carol Clay and Robyn Hill, who crossed paths in the ’60s, were tragically tied together by their love for the same guy. 

When Robyn was getting married to Russell Hill, she had no idea what the actual relationship between her soon-to-be husband and Carol was. In reality, Mr. Hill began a clandestine romance with her while pretending she was just his “first cousin”; the affair continued well into their 70s. 

After marrying Mr. Hill in 1969, Robyn remained faithful to him for almost half a century. Russell, however, had another relationship on the side the entire time.

Allegedly, in 2020, while on a sneaky camping trip in the secluded Wonnangatta Valley of Victoria’s Alpine area, Russell and his secret girlfriend, Carol, were killed. 

Greg Lynn, a former pilot, pleaded not guilty to the murders.

Crown prosecutor Daniel Porceddu questioned Robyn in court as she recounted the early years of her marriage. Although the newlyweds had settled into a Lilydale apartment after exchanging vows, they had to travel about a little in the beginning due to Mr. Hill’s profession.

The pair had been living in Drouin, a town in the West Gippsland area 90km east of Melbourne when Mr. Hill embarked on his tragic journey into the Wonnangatta Valley.

A week before his death, Chris Benton, a deer hunter, said he met Russell at a camping location called King Billy. In their conversation, Hill seemed unhappy. He mentioned he was married but made no mention of Carol. He said Robyn nagged him at home, so he might as well stay in the woods.

The man accused of killing the couple maintains that Hill had taken his 12-gauge shotgun and was firing into the air later that night. Lynn tried to wrestle away the gun, and it accidentally went off into Carol’s head.

Mr. Hill rushed to Clay’s body, and a fight ensued with the knife. After the pair lost their balance, the knife pierced Hill’s chest. 

He died.

The case is still ongoing.