Mourning Family Gets Horrific SHOCK

A grieving couple has demanded an apology after they discovered that their daughter is not buried in the grave where she is supposed to have been buried, and that the family has been visiting for years.

Katie and Bryan Black, who hail from Lexington, Kentucky, have been visiting the grave of their daughter Avery since she lost her life when she was being born seven years ago.

In memory of the tragedy of the life cut so tragically short, they would decorate the headstone during their visit—often with their two other children in tow. All that stopped on Memorial Day when they went to visit only to find the headstone had been taken away. They found it around thirty feet from its original position, and when the Blacks asked the managers of the cemetery, they learned that Avery’s body and her grave marker had been mistakenly separated when she was buried seven years prior.

Katie said she was shattered when Avery’s birth turned from a joyful event into a tragedy. All the pain of labor and delivery and the difficulties of pregnancy did not bring with it the expected years of childhood—instead, the Blacks had to leave the hospital empty-handed. She said that she and her husband and their children have since visited the cemetery multiple times per year, especially on special days such as birthdays, Independence day, and the like in order to spend the holidays near the child that might have been.

The memory of those visits have now been tainted by the discovery. Now, Katie says, she looks at the pictures taken at the grave and sees only the deception. She is shocked and upset that it took seven years for the Lexington Cemetery authorities to realize that the body and marker had been separated—now Katie feels as if she hasn’t visited her baby daughter at all, in all these years. 

The family is requesting a formal apology from the Cemetery, but so far has received no response.