Most Americans Are Against Trump Impeachment

( President Joe Biden might claim to represent all of America, and some Democrats may continue their talk of “unity” and “healing,” but a new poll from Rasmussen Reports reveals just how divisive the Democratic agenda has become.

The poll, which was released last Monday, showed that voters believe the upcoming impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump will only serve to divide the country even more.

On February 9, the Senate will begin an impeachment hearing of the former president, which has been described as unconstitutional by 45 Republican Senators and constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Many high-profile Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have argued that President Trump must be impeached, even as a private citizen, and disqualified from ever running for high office again.

The impeachment hearing is based on the fallacy that the former president incited a violent insurrection in the Capitol Building. On January 6, a group of far-left and far-right extremists stormed the Capitol Building and engaged in violence that left five people dead. President Donald Trump told protesters to remain peaceful and, later, to go home.

Democrats, however, filed an article of impeachment last month, charging the president with “incitement of an insurrection.” The assertion is wrong, and President Donald Trump is expected to be acquitted in the upcoming hearing.

A two-thirds majority is required in the Senate to convict the president. Most Democrats are expected to vote down party lines and not based on the evidence that shows their charge is incorrect, and even though some Republicans are expected to vote to convict the president, the numbers don’t add up. With 45 senators having already confirmed that the hearing itself is unconstitutional, there is not enough support to convict the former president.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin even called the impeachment hearings “so ill-advised,” but everybody knows the West Virginia Democrat is only doing what he can to stave off a future election loss to his Republican challengers.

This isn’t the first time that an impeachment trial has divided the nation. It’s not even the first time it’s happened to President Donald Trump.

Last time the Senate tried to impeach President Donald Trump – and failed – it proved extremely popular with the American people. It also became the dominant talking point at a time when Democrats in Congress should have been working with the Republican government in preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic.

But back then, they just called the president “xenophobic” for shutting the borders to travel from China.

Only 19% of those polled in the Rasmussen survey said that the impeachment trial will help unify Americans, and some 20% said there would be no difference.