“Morning Joe” Host Chokes Up During Queen’s Funeral

(JustPatriots.com)- “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski choked up on camera as she covering the royal procession of Queen Elizabeth II. Following the funeral at Westminster Abby, the Queen’s coffin was en route to Windsor Castle where she was buried next to King George VI and The Queen Mother Elizabeth; her husband, Prince Philip; and sister, Princess Margaret.

Overwhelmed with grief, Brezezinski lamented the

“One could say the big picture for Queen Elizabeth was the small picture in seeing where peace needed to be made, seeing where validation needed to be had…after the death of [Princess] Diana,” she said, according to Mediaite. “Her facing the cameras and saying what she said. It goes back to the small picture that, as [Financial Times columnist] Ed Luce was talking about, is make sure people are happy,”

And, then getting choked up, “And you just wonder how this will work with Charles.”

The Queen was buried on the grounds of Windsor Castle Royal Vault next to her late-husband Prince Philip. He was initially buried at Royal Vault at St George’s Chapel until he was moved to lay next to his wife of 73 years.

On their visit to the funeral, the Bidens posed for a photo op as they signed the Queen’s official Condolence Book. “We first met the Queen in 1982,” Biden tweeted, “and will always remember her kindness and hospitality. Her legacy will loom large in the pages of British history, and in the story of our world.”

There’s a chorus of criticism following the Queen’s death expressing arguing for the dissolution of those countries within the Commonwealth, according to conservative magazine American Pigeon.

The Queen was called the “beacon of stability” for the United Kingdom, according to New York Times author Mark Landler.

“It marks both the loss of a revered monarch—the only one most Britons have ever known—and the end of a figure who served as a living link to the glories of World War II Britain, presided over its fitful adjustment to a post-colonial, post-imperial era and saw it through its bitter divorce from the European Union,” Landler wrote.