MORE BLM Riots Break Out In Wisconsin, DESTROY Kenosha City

( Violent Black Lives Matter riots broke out once again on Sunday night following the police shooting of a black man who resisted arrest and reached into a vehicle after police officers told him to stop. This fresh round of riots was particularly damaging, completely devastating the city of Kenosha.

It all started when officers responded to calls about a domestic incident. Video footage show police officers telling the suspect to stand down, to stop walking, and yet he continued walking to his car, opened the door, and reached in to grab something. At which point, police officers shot the man – as they would any white man resisting arrest and trying to grab something from the glovebox of his car.

The man is in a serious condition in the hospital but was not killed.

Oh, and by the way, the man who was shot has a history of assaulting police officers. He has also been charged for domestic abuse and a sex crime.

So the idea that this was police officers committing a racist crime against an innocent man is patently insane. And wrong.

Riots following the incident were really serious. Journalist Drew Hernandez identified those looting in the city as Black Lives Matter extremists and posted several videos that show the city being destroyed.

So the argument here is that this was a racist shooting, and their response is to…loot cities? Am I getting this right?

You’d think the Governor of Wisconsin might be on the side of law enforcement when it comes to this kind of violence and looting, but he’s not. Governor Tony Evers criticized law enforcement officers following the incident, despite admitting that officials didn’t even have all the details from the incident yet.

Why can’t the politicians stand up to these gangs? What are they afraid of?