Moderates Tell Pelosi They Won’t Vote For Her Radical Plan

( Nine moderate Democrats have dissented against Nancy Pelosi, telling the House Speaker that they won’t throw their weight behind the unprecedented $3.5 trillion social spending bill until the House votes on and passes the “bipartisan” $1.2 infrastructure deal.

The nine Democrats told Speaker Pelosi on Friday that they won’t work with her to pass the $3.5 trillion bill until she moves ahead on a vote on the long-fought-over $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, which the House Speaker had told Republicans she will not put up for a vote in the house until they agree to the second, bigger plan.

Ultimately, if Nancy Pelosi refuses to back down on her insistence that Republicans get on board with the far-left $3.5 trillion bill, it could mean that both budgets are rejected and that negotiations continue into the fall, or even into the winter and beyond.

Pelosi is stuck in a stalemate between moderates in the party, who won’t provide the remaining votes she needs, and the ultra-progressives in the party who insist that Republicans fall in line with their demands before any kind of investment in infrastructure can be made.

It kind of proves that there is a flaw in America’s political system when a partisan House Speaker can hold the other party hostage and insist that they support legislation they don’t support, just to provide American’s with much-needed infrastructure investments.

Those nine moderates are up against the rest of the party machine. Far-left Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who is the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, wrote to Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday to say that a poll of the party’s most liberal members revealed that they will not support the infrastructure package unless the Republicans get on board with the $3.5 trillion package, or if the package is passed through a simple majority vote in a Budget Reconciliation Package.

In other words, the Democrats aren’t even pretending that they are interested in bipartisanship anymore.