Mitt Romney’s Strange List Of Top Agendas In The Senate Reads Like A Form Letter

( informs that Sen. Mitt Romney recently spoke at the Sutherland Institute about “Confronting Our 21st Century Challenges.”

According to their website, “the goal of the Congressional Series is to facilitate civic engagement and civil dialogue as our delegation members speak on a range of critical issues. Constituent engagement matters now more than ever, and these events offer unique, uninterrupted presentations that inform and educate.”

Sutherland’s founder, Gaylord Swim, once said:

Those who, for whatever reason, choose not to run for public office ought to be grateful to those who will, even if we do not always fully agree with them. After all, governing in a free society ought not to be about winning or ruling, rather it is about leading, serving, uniting and about achieving the best solutions under a framework of law. This process requires strong advocates, certainly, but it also takes a counter-balancing sense of humility, civility and dialogue.

That brings us to Mitt Romney.

The agenda that Mitt Romney is pushing these days is quite bizarre. It is out of lockstep with what conservatives usually prioritize.

During the recent address at Sutherland that Romney gave, he disclosed a list of the top goals he has for himself while serving in the United States Senate.

The list raises eyebrows because it reveals Romney’s objectives to be somewhat akin to what a rookie pol would list, not wanting to appear too bold.

It would appear that Romney is uninterested in the issue of immigration. He doesn’t give a damn about the FBI raiding Trump’s office. He is unconcerned about the recently implemented expansion of the IRS.

What are the “top concerns” that Mitt Romney cares about?
His attention is concentrated on matters that read like they were taken from a low-level community form letter that is devoid of ideas but has to spend their budget:

-Increase the number of roads in the area.
-Improve the water and piping infrastructure.
-Address the issue of climate change.

Romney continues to demonstrate, almost on a daily basis, that he is not a genuine Republican. He is nothing more than another corporate puppet who merely reiterates the same talking lines for the benefit of his millionaire friends. And he’s playing it safe. The only tough stand he takes is with Trump, a genuine populist who wants to drain the swamp of all the other “Romneys.”