Mitt Romney Uses Trump to Argue Against Ending Filibuster

( In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Senator Mitt Romney argued against the Democrats’ call to eliminate the Senate filibuster by invoking a possible Donald Trump 2024 victory.

Arguing that the Senate Democrats are being remarkably shortsighted in their quest to end the filibuster, Romney asked what would happen if, after ending it, the Democrats become the minority party with “no power whatsoever.” He wrote that there is a “reasonable chance” Donald Trump could be elected president in 2024 with Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.

It’s a valid question others have also asked.

If the filibuster is eliminated, and Republicans sweep Congress in the 2022 midterms, it will be the Republicans, not the Democrats who will make use of the filibuster’s absence. And Romney is correct, should a Republican, any Republican, win the White House two years later, the Senate Democrats would be rendered completely powerless.

Both Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema oppose eliminating the filibuster. In fact, in his op-ed, Romney echoes several of Senator Sinema’s arguments against ending the filibuster. Like Romney, Sinema argued that the US Senate is the only institution in the Federal government that upholds the rights of the minority. The filibuster prevents radical shifts in policy every time the other party wins the majority.

As reasonable as the argument might be, Romney is foolish to think it will sway any of the other 48 Democrat Senators.

The Democrats want the filibuster eliminated for one reason: to ram through their unconstitutional attempt to federalize our elections. They know their tenuous hold on the majority probably won’t survive the 2022 Midterms. So they need to pass that legislation now while they still can.

Their hope is that once that so-called “voting rights” legislation is passed and signed into law, not one Republican will ever win another election again.

It’s not the smartest strategy to be sure. The chances the Supreme Court would uphold their unconstitutional “voting rights” legislation is very slim. And if they eliminate the filibuster to enact a law that gets struck down in court, Democrats will be handing a filibuster-free Senate to the Republicans.

And in that sense, Romney’s op-ed is right. If they do it, the Senate Democrats will regret it big time.

Read Romney’s op-ed HERE.