Mitt Romney Says It’s Time To Prepare For A Nuclear Strike

( Senator Mitt Romney penned yet another op-ed last week, this time in the New York Times, where he argued that the United States must prepare for the possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin might use nuclear weapons.

In the time he’s been in the US Senate, Mitt Romney has written more op-eds in newspapers than he has written legislation in the Senate. If Mitt wants to be a newspaper columnist, maybe he should resign his seat and let someone who wants to be a member of the US Senate take his place.

In his op-ed, Romney sets up different arguments “some” are making and then proceeds to offer his counter-arguments to each of these hypothetical arguments.

Some say we should “pre-emptively restrain Ukraine from routing the Russian military.” But Romney says the “free nations” should continue to support Ukraine’s defense of its country because if we don’t, Putin will “inevitably” “devour” our other allies.

But, Romney warns, if a “delusional” Putin is “cornered,” he might resort to a tactical nuclear strike. And if that happens the US and NATO have several options to choose, including a nuclear response or placing troops in Ukraine.

Romney also wants the United States to “confront” China and any other country that doesn’t back his warmongering fantasy, giving them the same warning George W. Bush gave after 9/11: “You are either with us, or are with Russia – you cannot be both.”

Romney pretending he’s George Patton at a time when Americans by and large oppose getting dragged into a war with Russia seems ill-advised.

Then again, Mitt Romney has always been a bit of a chickenhawk when it comes to sending Americans to fight in wars – a prospect neither Romney nor any of his sons have ever faced since none of them has ever served in the military.

It’s also possible that Mitt Romney is setting the stage for another run for the White House by carving out name for himself as a “pro-war” Republican among the sea of non-interventionist, America First alternatives.

Sure, he justifies his op-ed by citing Russia readying its nuclear arsenal and the warnings from CIA Director William Burns that Putin might deploy tactical nuclear weapons despite there being no “practical evidence” that he would.

But even without that, Mitt Romney would be advocating for escalating the conflict by getting the US and NATO directly involved.

He remains one of a dying breed of Republican politicians who has never met a war he didn’t want other Americans to fight.