Mitt Romney Issues Public Message Worrifying About Donald Trump’s Return

( In a whiny op-ed in The Atlantic, Republican In Name Only (RINO) Senator Mitt Romney, alias “Pierre Delecto,” criticized Trump and warned that the country is in danger.

According to Romney, it is Donald Trump’s fault for dividing the country. Not the globalist puppet President Joe Biden and his Marxist agenda that puts the country in danger of collapsing.

The multiple-loser presidential candidate stated in an opinion piece on July 4 that too many Americans are blithely discounting risks that might become cataclysmic.

The elitist Senator began by wringing his hands over the “climate change disaster,” droughts, and melting ice caps despite owning at least two enormous houses and constantly flying on private aircraft. He claimed that when the ice caps melt and record temps dominate the nightly news, people believe buying a Prius and recycling the boxes from daily Amazon deliveries would suffice.

Mitt Romney called us a “country in denial” and blasted Trump supporters. He is dismayed by the casual disregard for possible catastrophic threats. He explains the right is blamed by the left for disregarding the onslaught on our political system and climate change. The right condemns the left for ignoring issues like illegal immigration and the national debt. But people from all political backgrounds engage in wishful thinking. We are a nation that is in denial, claimed puffed-up Senator.
Romney claimed no one wants to face reality. He explained that drought is only a temporary phase of a cycle that will end. Economic expansion will enable the debt to be paid off. January 6 was a false-flag operation. He also thought Donald Trump’s phrase, “I won in a landslide,” is a prime example of denial. Romney also claimed that it might be a branch of the same illusion that causes individuals to put money into slot machines.

Romney, who once went on a road trip with the family dog strapped to the top of his car, is calling you out for being gauche and irresponsible.

In his snooty op-ed, Romney claimed President Joe Biden, the bigotted, buffoonish, lifelong Washington grifter, was a “genuinely good man.” And he felt sorry that Biden could not overcome the distrust that clouds him because of Donald Trump.

Well, look at it this way. At least Romney finally accepted he would never become President. Maybe that’s why he’s so bitter.