Mitch McConnell Says Inflation “Small Potatoes” If Spending Continues

( A quick look at your wallet, purse or bank account will tell you that America is deep in a state of inflation.

If the spending that Democrats are proposing to pass through budget reconciliation ends up going through, one prominent Republican said what we’re experiencing now will be “small potatoes” compared to what’s to come.

During a floor speech on Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the “Democrats’ high-stakes spending spree from the springtime” is responsible for the year-over-year inflation of more than 5.4%, which is the quickest increase in roughly 13 years.

He said:

“Democrats rammed through what the White House bragged was the most left-wing legislation in our nation’s history. And now Democrats want to follow up with [an] even more absurd, summer sequel.”

Democrats are working on passing not just President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure bill, but they are also working on a spending package that will go along with it. Combined, the bills will cost multiple trillions of dollars.

Since neither bill is likely to gain the support of even one Senate Republican, let alone the 10 that would be necessary to avoid a filibuster, Democrats are approaching the matter through budget reconciliation. It’s the same process they used to pass the American Rescue Plan earlier this year.

To pass the bill through the Senate this way, Democrats just need to get all 50 members of their party to vote in favor of the bill. That would end up with a 50-50 tie if all Republicans vote against it. Then, Vice President Kamala Harris would cast the vote to break the tie.

Some of the action items in the bill include increased money for child care, paid family and sick leave, and action on climate change.

McConnell commented:

“What Democrats say they want to force through this summer through reconciliation would make our current inflationary mess look like small potatoes. Nobody seriously thinks our country needs another gigantic overdose of overborrowing, overspending and overtaxing.”

Multiple high-ranking Democrats are pushing an extreme far-left agenda that will spend trillions of dollars to expand social programs. The main problem with this is it comes with quite the hefty price tag, which will almost assuredly make inflation even worse than it is right now — and it’s quite bad already.

This agenda is being pushed on the ground floor by Senator Bernie Sanders, who serves as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. Sanders has been pushing his socialist economic agenda for years now, but even Democratic voters have turned those ideas down in each of the last two presidential primaries.

McConnell explained:

“[Sanders] has been very transparent about his socialist ideology for decades. Very upfront about it. But the country didn’t elect a 50-50 Senate and a president who claimed to be a moderate so that chairman senators could turn America into a socialist country.

“Working Americans know that’s not what they voted for.”

Unfortunately, that might be what they get, if other more moderate Democrats, including Biden, don’t do something about it.