Mitch McConnell Has Angered Donald Trump, And It’s Getting Worse

( Newsweek this week reported that the relationship between former President Donald Trump and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is rapidly deteriorating…and it’s never really even been great.

It followed a statement issued by the former president through his Save America PAC on Wednesday, in which he called McConnell an “Old Crow” and criticized him for passing the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure package put together by Democrats and RINOs.

The former president is known for hitting McConnell hard. Ever since he left the White House, that criticism has become even more intense. In the most recent press release, he focused on the fact that McConnell was unable to pass an infrastructure package during Trump’s time in office but seems to have had an easier time now that a Democrat is in the White House.

Curious, huh?

McConnell was one of only 19 Republicans who voted to approve the infrastructure bill in August when it passed through the Senate. And now that the bill has passed the House of Representatives, McConnell has said that he is “delighted” for the “godsend” bill to finally be passed.

While McConnell has not responded to the attack, he has repeatedly said that he believes the Republican party should focus on the “future,” suggesting he thinks the party should stop looking to the former president.

This kind of exchange of words is hardly uncommon, but for them to continue a year after the 2020 presidential election indicates that rumors the former president may be running for office again could well be true.

Is Trump preparing to oust McConnell from his position, and then take another stab at taking the White House to clean up Joe Biden’s mess?