Missing Woman’s Husband Arrested, Used Her Card for Bizarre Grocery Shopping

Crystal Rasch, a lady from Wisconsin, has been missing for three weeks. The police have arrested her estranged husband.

After purchasing a variety of cleaning supplies—including gloves, stain remover, carpet and drain cleaners, and more—using his missing spouse’s credit cards earlier this month, 42-year-old Zachariah Rasch is now facing accusations of identity theft.

The charges against Rasch all center on his alleged several transactions using Rasch’s debit card, which was captured on security footage.

According to the Dodge County police, the total amount spent was over $6,500, and it was spent at several establishments located miles apart.

In Friday’s report, officials detailed how they traced Crystal’s phone to Adams County, which is close by and where Rasch’s relatives own land. They then searched and found his vehicle, which they claim has evidential solid value.

Authorities in Madison are currently processing the vehicle at the state crime lab. They are continuing to treat the case as if it were involving a missing person.

In a statement, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office said that they are still actively investigating Crystal Rasch’s disappearance and have exhausted all possible avenues in their search for her.

Investigators were able to review Crystal’s bank records earlier this week as a component of the inquiry.

According to the authorities, a multitude of transactions had been made using her bank cards.

According to a criminal complaint filed that morning, Crystal’s estranged husband, who was responsible for the transactions, now lives in the small town of Clyman.

Rasch admitted to lying earlier after police confronted him about the purchases; he confessed to making many unlawful purchases using her account.

According to the criminal complaint filed with the Dodge County Circuit Court, officers discovered $1,800 in cash in a dresser drawer and $1,345 in a wallet during a subsequent search warrant of Rasch’s apartment.