Military Is Working On A Real-Life Iron Man Suit, Insider Tells Joe Rogan

( Last week, a retired Navy SEAL told podcaster Joe Rogan that the US military has been trying to create a real-life Iron Man suit for use in combat.

Kristin Beck, a transgender former Navy SEAL, told Rogan about a 2013 project, initially called Carnivore, that aimed to outfit soldiers with a state-of-the-art exoskeleton.

Beck said this project was just one of many she (he) was assigned to. The project sought to make an exoskeleton out of titanium, carbon, and fiber that was strong enough to carry a thousand pounds and could withstand a multitude of threats. However, Beck was careful not to get into many details.

When asked if the project was classified, Beck said the iron man project is publicly known and was featured in a Popular Mechanics article. Some of the people who worked on the project and the current work they are doing are still classified, Beck explained.

Listen HERE.

The Pentagon’s attempt to create a real-life “Iron Man” suit was outlined in extensive detail in a May 2020 article by Jared Keller, reprinted in July of last year at Task & Purpose.