Mike Pence Says Democrat Causing “Tidal Wave” of Leftist Policies

(JustPatriots.com)- While he obviously hasn’t officially declared his candidacy for 2024, former Vice President Mike Pence sure is spending a lot of time in early primary states. Last week, Pence was traveling across Iowa giving speeches, flipping burgers and glad-handing voters.

And in his positioning for 2024, Pence took aim at the Biden Administration, accusing them of unleashing a “tidal wave of left-wing policies that threaten” all the progress made during Trump’s presidency.

In a speech to a crowd of about twelve hundred Christian conservatives at the Family Leadership Summit in downtown Des Moines, Pence chronicled the amount of damage Biden and Harris have done “in such a short period of time.”

Telling the crowd that after one hundred and seventy-seven days of Biden failures –including the border crisis, increased taxes, crippling government spending, the war on police and the war on the unborn, censorship and “canceling our most cherished liberties” – Pence said that he’s had enough.

Pence told the crowd to “stand up and fight back” against the radical Left agenda.

Reminding the crowd that he is a “Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order,” Pence said that in order to turn the country around, Americans must turn “back to one nation under God.”

In light of the Left’s efforts to “marginalize Christians and conservatives,” Pence said “we need to defend believers all across the country.” He cautioned against the efforts from public schools, government agencies and corporations to “persecute” Americans because of their religious beliefs.

Pence also took aim at Critical Race Theory and school curricula that teaches children to be ashamed of their skin color. Calling CRT “state-sanctioned racism,” Pence called on every American to oppose it.

Two other possible 2024 contenders were also in attendance at last weekend’s Family Leadership Summit in Des Moines. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also addressed the crowd.

Like Pence, Noem hammered the Biden Administration, saying that America under Biden is “built on hate and division” and Biden is working to pit American against American.