Mike Lindell Ads Return To Fox News

(JustPatriots.com)- Everybody’s favorite pillow guy is back on Fox News after resolving disagreements with the network over their failure to air ads promoting his Cyber Symposium that he claimed provided evidence of Chinese interference in last year’s presidential election.

In July, the network refused to promote his three-day event, prompting Lindell to withdraw all advertising from the network for his “My Pillow” brand.

He told the Daily Beast at the time that he had “cut off advertising on Fox immediately and indefinitely.”

What followed were several months of Lindell shifting his focus mostly away from his business, while continuing to sell pillows and various other home products, online. He has used leading conservative figures to help sell products on social media and encouraged people to bypass the major stores by shopping directly from his website.

On Thursday, however, a new MyPillow ad suddenly aired on Fox News promoting the “best prices ever.” The ad showed Lindell promoting a new $99 bundle that includes a copy of his book, and five pillows that feature various biblical images.

In the commercial itself, he directly references the impact that his political activism has had on his business, too. Referring to the fact that MyPillow has been pulled from many major retailers, Lindell said:

“Cancel culture has not only affected myself and MyPillow, but millions of you out there.”

Whether you think Lindell’s approach to the election fraud witnessed in last year’s election is appropriate or accurate, it’s true to say that he is an impressive businessman…and his return to Fox News shows the real power of his brand.

Last year, MyPillow alone spent $50 million in advertising on Fox News. This year, the company has spent $19 million on Fox ads.

And with MyPillow losing around $1 million per week in sales since he pulled the ads, it’s no wonder he’s back on our screens.