Mike Lee Responds After Text Messages Leaked

(JustPatriots.com)- https://www.mediaite.com/news/mike-lee-breaks-silence-on-leaked-texts-to-meadows-insists-he-wasnt-a-trump-stooge-i-wasnt-there-to-do-his-bidding/

Leaked text messages from Mike Lee (R-UT) to Mark Meadows (former White House Chief of Staff) purport to show that he asked for Trump’s past administration guidance.

“Please tell me what I should say,” Lee said in Meadows’s November 20 text message.

When asked by the Deseret News late Wednesday whether he had ever been ready to obey instructions given to him by his predecessor blindly, Lee said he had never been.

Do you know what I was trying to figure out when I asked, “Tell me what we need to be saying”? Lee said in a statement. This does not imply that I will do the president’s bidding, whatever it may be.

On the other hand, Lee complained that the January 6th Committee had leaked and misconstrued his text messages to hurt his reelection campaign. Even though he recognized Joe Biden as the president, Lee spoke of fraud and manipulation that may have potentially changed the outcome of the 2020 election.

Lee said that President Biden had been the president of the United States since the Electoral College convened on Dec. 14 and cast their ballots, making it official. Those Electoral College votes indicated that Biden had won.

According to Lee, there will always be efforts to alter the outcomes of every election, and there is a chance of fraud. It’s impossible, he said, for him to know for sure what occurred in any particular condition. He said that Congress should not be tasked with determining whether or not an election was free of fraud in any one state.

Lee remarked that he answered questions whenever asked if the 2020 election was tainted.

Conservative attorney John Eastman’s plan to use Vice President Mike Pence to rescind the election results on Trump’s behalf also came up in Lee’s conversation. Upon examining Eastman’s letter, the senator did not find any significant analysis of the grounds on which a state may modify its slate of electors or why that would be acceptable.

After receiving Eastman’s letter, Lee texted Meadows four times to discuss it. When swing states submit rival slates of voters according to state law, of course, everything changes. However, without it, this attempt would not only fail but will also harm DJT.