Middle Schoolers Given Pizza Homework To Talk About Their Coitus Habits

(JustPatriots.com)- A Connecticut school is saying it “inadvertently” posted an eighth-grade curriculum assignment called “Pizza and Consent” which used pizza as a “metaphor for sex.”

The assignment posted would instruct students to list their favorite and least favorite pizza toppings “in relation to sex.” For example, if a student doesn’t like pepperoni on his pizza, he lists a sex act that he dislikes as much as pepperoni on pizza.

The assignment in question was never used in the classroom, however.

But after the group Parents Defending Education blew the whistle on the assignment last week, the superintendent at Enfield Public Schools in Connecticut, Christopher Drezek had to face irate parents anyway.

In a school board meeting last Tuesday, Drezek said the assignment was posted “inadvertently.”

He told the angry parents that “it was a mistake” and there was no “secret cabal to indoctrinate kids.” Instead, the person who posted the pizza topping/sex assignment “sent the wrong document.”

Of course, it begs the question why is Enfield Public Schools employing someone who would create such an inappropriate assignment to begin with.

But Drezek wasn’t going to get into any further details. Instead, he told the parents that he wasn’t “going to perpetuate this story any longer.”

According to Parents Defending Education, teacher Brie Quartin, Enfield Public Schools’ Health and Physical Education Coordinator was the one who posted the assignment and she emailed the parents to own up for the error and apologize.

In the email, Quartin explained that the pizza/sex assignment posted to the 8th-grade curriculum page was “the incorrect version.” Apparently, there is a “revised version” of a sex assignment that was supposed to get posted. She wrote that she discovered the error after “our curriculum revision in June, but failed to post the intended version.”

The “revised” version of the assignment was to have students work in small groups to craft a pizza with toppings that would make everybody happy or comfortable by using only non-verbal communication. This version is also supposed to help teach the 8th-graders how best to communicate what type of sex acts they prefer.

As if that is somehow any less inappropriate.