Megyn Kelly Interviews Woman Reportedly Groped By Andrew Cuomo

( Shelley Ross, one of the women who accused former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual misconduct, went on the record with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly recently to share more information about what happened to her.

Ross said in a New York Times opinion piece published last month that Cuomo groped her in a bar several years ago, and went on to condemn his behavior towards other women. She suggested that Cuomo’s behavior was an effort to “belittle” and “humiliate” her.

Speaking to Kelly, on her podcast, she explained how she was Cuomo’s boss when he worked at ABC News before he became the governor of New York. She said that the incident in question, however, occurred after he had left the network and they were both attending a party for a mutual friend in a bar in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Incredibly, Ross said that she was attending the party with her husband who was sat behind her on an ottoman drinking a Diet Coke while she spoke to friends.

When Cuomo entered the bar, she claimed he walked towards her, grabbed her with a “strong bear hug” while lowing one hand to grab and squeeze the cheek of her buttock.

She said that he acted with a “cocky arrogance” and even said to her that he can do it now that she isn’t his boss.

“No you can’t,” she said to Cuomo, pushing him off her by the chest while stepping pack and pointing to her husband.

“We quickly left,” she said.

So far, Cuomo has not denied the accusations. He even sent Ross an apology not long after it happened and issued another statement after she published the op-ed.

What is wrong with this guy?

You can watch the interview with Megyn Kelly here.