Megyn Kelly Calls For Mourning Instead Of Blaming Tucker Carlson For Mass Shooting

( A Sirius XM podcast host and independent journalist Megyn Kelly slammed those attempting to politicize the weekend mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, which left ten people dead.

The Megyn Kelly Show host described the timeline of events and expressed her condolences to the victims, their families, and friends on Monday’s episode – and she noted that her policy was to avoid naming the suspects in mass shootings whenever possible to deny them the notoriety they sought.

Kelly said she would not name the shooter on her program in keeping with her policy of not naming mass shooters, who are primarily out for infamy. He has pleaded not guilty, but he has also left a trail of evidence, including a 180-page manifesto full of racist and antisemitic remarks. The assailant was a white man. He’ll explain how and why he chose his target.

Kelly went on to say that some have tried to pin at least some of the blame for the shooting on her friend and former Fox News colleague Tucker Carlson. They claimed that because he discussed “white replacement theory” on his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he is to blame for the alleged shooter’s obsession with the topic.

“This is both factually and morally incorrect,” Kelly said.

Kelly asked why we had to go there with these stories. “Why can’t we take two f***ing minutes to remember those who have died and try to comprehend that this country has insane people?” Kelly asked.

She said we have insane people. She said we couldn’t get rid of all of them, and It irritates her greatly.

She said that people must inject politics into everything they do. This individual also had a racist manifesto. That, without a doubt, does not make it Tucker Carlson’s fault.

“Stop it right now. Stop it right now!” Kelly concluded.

On his show, Carlson argued that Democrats could not impose their will on the American people, so their solution was to simply open the border and “import” a new population.

He said by importing a brand-new population, the Biden administration is subverting democracy and diluting the political power of American citizens.

He said, “That is exactly what is happening.”

According to the left, his Carlson opinion compelled a guy to go out and murder.