Megyn Kelly Asks Jeff Zucker To Come Clean About Relationship At CNN

( Following former CNN president Jeff Zucker’s resignation after admitting to not disclosing an intimate relationship with the chief marketing officer at the network, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly called on him to reveal the full extent of the relationship.

During an episode of The Megyn Kelly Show on SiriusXM, Kelly said that Zucker should come out and admit that the relationship has been going on for longer than he claimed and predicted that the situation is “going to get ugly.”

Kelly questioned when Zucker’s relationship with Allison Gollust actually began, and said that if they are misleading the network and the public about it, then they “need to come clean” about it.

“If he began this affair a long time ago, prior to promoting her to being an executive vice president of the company, this is going to get ugly. This is going to get ugly for him,” she said.

Kelly also predicted that things are going to get ugly for Gollust and for other people at CNN because having sexual relationships with people you work with in the new industry is “not allowed.”

Kelly’s speculation that the relationship had been going on longer came from an interview she did with Melissa Cronin, a reporter from Radar Online, who alleged that the claim made by Zucker that their relationship had only become sexual in “recent years” was wrong.

Cronin told Kelly on her SiriusXM show that the world needs to know about it “because it was an open secret in the media world.”

Cronin revealed that Gollust joined CNN back in 2013, and had previously worked with Zucker at NBC before that.

It wouldn’t be like a CNN exec to lie, now, would it?