Megan Fox Is Under Attack Over Her Private Child Push

Actress Megan Fox is the mother of three young boys, Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 6. 

Since Noah was two, Fox has been transparent about his desire to dress as a girl and the bullying he has faced. She openly discusses her parenting philosophy, which includes teaching her children to feel comfortable in their skin regardless of gender expression. 

She said when Noah started wearing dresses, she bought books to learn about what was happening.

Some of the books, she explained, simply discuss how everyone, regardless of gender, may feel comfortable dressing whichever they choose. And it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Fox hasn’t posted any new photos of her kids on Instagram since 2018. She claims she’s a very proud mom but can’t bring herself to share her children with the world and watch how others react to them.

Although she wants Noah to be as authentic as possible, she recognizes that the world may be cruel to children seen as “different” and expresses her wish that she could shield him from it.

After a conservative commentator, Robby Starbuck, questioned on Twitter why she had three sons who all identified as transgender, Fox had a meltdown.

Starbuck accused Fox of engaging in child abuse after he saw a picture of Fox and her three sons, all dressed as girls.

Megan’s reaction was bizarre. She didn’t threaten legal action for libelous claims. She threatened Starbuck with an occult ritual. She said that “he ****ed with the wrong witch” and invited others to his house as she cast spells.

With her threat, she posted a night vision picture of a woman feasting on the carcass of a dead deer.

Starbuck may have a point. Fox seems a bit unhinged.

It’s been pointed out that the odds of having three sons who all would choose to dress like girls, without the outside influence of a “spell-casting” mother, is quite astronomical.