Media Pushes Hillary Clinton’s “Deplorable” Warning As They Lose Control of Narrative

( Salon commentator Chauncey DeVega wrote in the far-left media publication recently that when failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned about “deplorables” in the Republican Party in 2016, she wasn’t just correct but underestimated the impact that those people might have.

It looks like the Democrats are more empowered than ever to smear and deride half of the American public. Now they have the White House, Congress, and total control over popular culture and media, they think it’s time to double down on narratives that hurt innocent Americans.

“In many ways, Clinton was too kind,” DeVega shockingly claimed.

You may remember in 2016 when Clinton referred to millions of Trump supporters as xenophobic, homophobic, racist, and more. She made the mistake of calling Republicans a “basket of deplorables,’ a term that came to haunt her throughout the rest of the campaign as people rightly noted that she was unfairly dismissing the concerns of many regular Americans.

DeVaga said that the reaction to Clintons “truth-telling” (ha) was used to legitimize “American neofascism (operating under the mask of ‘populism’) as something that was reasonable.”

What DeVaga failed to acknowledge, or admit, is that former President Donald Trump was never a neofascist and is hated by neofascists.

The essayist then went on to claim that if Clinton had won the presidency, Americans wouldn’t be “drowning under a fascist tide which has imperiled our democracy and our future.”

First of all, America is not drowning under fascism.

Secondly, wouldn’t dismissing those regular concerns just have made this so-called fascist threat…much worse?