Media Mogul Says Prince Andrew Should Not Be Stripped Of Titles

( Conrad Black, a Canadian-born businessman in the United Kingdom who once ran the third biggest company in the world, has come out in support of British Royal Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Black, who was pardoned by former President Donald Trump after being convicted of fraud and spent three years in prison, said that Prince Andrew shouldn’t have been stripped of his titles amidst the ongoing lawsuit filed against him by Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre.

Black, who also once controlled Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, published an op-ed in The New York Sun arguing that Andrew was abandoned “to the frenzied posthumous assault upon Jeffrey Epstein.”

He said that the treatment of Andrew was a “disgrace,” particularly considering how many organizations benefitted from his patronage over the years.

“For the Queen to have withdrawn from him all of the dignities exercised ex officio for centuries by the second son of the reigning monarch is not remotely justified by the almost irrelevant and inevitable fact that the Duke has been sued by a former companion of Epstein’s and an American judge has declined to dismiss the charge in pre-trial proceedings,” he added.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II stripped Andrew of his royal patronages and titles and issued a statement that he would fight the lawsuit against Giuffre as a private citizen.

However, it remains to be seen whether Andrew is even guilty. The only evidence provided in the suit is a photograph of Andrew with Giuffre, said to have been taken in Epstein’s New York City townhouse. However, Andrew insists that he does not recall meeting Giuffre.

The civil lawsuit continues, but given that Andrew has not confessed guilt and insists that he did not sexually assault Giuffre, it does raise questions why Andrew is already being treated as guilty.

Does Black have a point that there should be “presumption of innocence of accused persons”?

Find the full op-ed here.