Media Labels Trump The New Hillary Clinton Of GOP

( Michael Ware, who works for Sky News, wonders if former President Donald Trump is “becoming the new Hillary Clinton.”

He wondered if all Republicans wanted Trump to run.

“Few Democrats wanted Hillary Clinton to run, but it was her turn, and she was a divisive figure,” he said.

“Could it be the same for Trump? Even if he wins the primary, do all Republicans want him to run because he’s so divisive?”

So is former President Trump the new Hillary Clinton?”

As Republicans try to figure out what went wrong in Tuesday’s midterm elections, Donald Trump is getting a lot of criticism from his fellow Republicans.

Before the midterms, the former president said he wanted “all the credit” if Republicans won. He had helped some inexperienced Senate candidates in their primaries, but they didn’t do well on Tuesday. But Trump wanted it both ways. He said he shouldn’t be blamed if they lose.

But now that Republicans might be in the minority in the Senate and are still waiting to see if they will get an uncomfortable majority in the House, some unexpected voices within the party are starting to question Trump’s power.

Winsome Earle-Sears, the Republican Lt. Governor of Virginia who backed Trump a lot, said that the poor performance of some of Trump’s endorsed candidates is a sign that he should step down.

“It turned out that the people on the same ticket he didn’t support did better than the ones he did,” she said. “That’s a sign that the voters are ready to move on. And a real leader knows when they are no longer helping the mission.”

Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, won easily, while the Trump-backed Senate candidate, Don Bolduc, lost by a large margin. On Friday, Sununu told SiriusXM that Trump could “mess up” the chance for GOP Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker to win if he announces before a December runoff in the state.

The amount of open criticism shows that Trump is weak among Republicans at a time when he is about to announce his run for president in 2024. On Tuesday, exit polls showed that people liked him even less than they wanted President Biden, and polls of Republican voters show that he is losing ground to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in imagined presidential races.