Media Covering Up Joe Biden’s Praise For KKK Kleagle

( President Joe Biden stumbled his way through a town hall event with CNN on Wednesday, answering cherry-picked questions from CNN that were designed to make him look good. That was fairly clear throughout the entire event, but it was the network’s refusal to challenge the president on his connection to the racist KKK that really exposed the network’s true intentions.

During the townhall, Biden gave a special shout out to former Kleagle (an officer of the Ku Klux Klan) Robert Byrd, who became a Democrat and sat as an elected official in the United States Senate for several decades.

Biden said that when he got to the United States Senate for the first time, he was surrounded by the likes of Jim Eastland, Strom Thurmond, and Robert F. Byrd who were “very, very, very, very, very, very conservative on race.”

Biden and the Clintons later became extremely close with Byrd, but it was his comment about race that seemed to try and paint himself as a liberal on racial issues and lump Byrd in with the Republicans. But Byrd was a Democrat, through and through.

Any honest journalist would have stopped the president and asked him why he was so close to Byrd, if he was so disapproving of his “conservative” views on race…but Don Lemon didn’t do that. He didn’t even point out that Byrd was not a conservative, but a liberal.

See for yourself:

Ask yourself…if CNN is so concerned about racial issues, as it purports to be, then wouldn’t the network have questions for a president who has repeatedly used the N-word on the Senate floor? And who palled up with a former officer of the KKK?

So many unanswered questions…