McDonalds’ Can’t Find Anybody To Work

( Fast food companies such as McDonald’s are struggling to find workers as they look to staff up.

The problem is that liberal federal policies such as extended and beefed-up unemployment and more and more economic stimulus payments are keeping people at home.

A McDonald’s franchisee told Business Insider recently:

“We are struggling to get people. I don’t have enough. Can’t get enough. Wish I had enough.”

Business Insider spoke to a number of fast food franchise owners on the condition of anonymity, because they weren’t authorized to speak on behalf of the company. However, almost all of them conveyed the same message — that they need workers, but they just can’t find enough.

As a result, some of these fast food restaurants are being forced to cut back their hours, and others are even hesitant to re-open indoor dining options.

John Motta, who is a franchisee at Dunkin’ and also serves as the chairman of the Coalition of Franchisee Association, explained:

“It’s just craziness out there. People are closing early. People are not opening lobbies. This is the COVID of 2021. This is the pandemic of 2021 — lack of people to work.”

This problem is happening all across America at small businesses. A March survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business found that 42% of small business owners said they had openings at their company they haven’t been able to fill.

During the height of the pandemic, fast food restaurants were able to stay viable by switching to a business model that was heavily focused on drive-throughs, curb side pickups and even some deliveries.

With the pandemic restrictions eased in many states across the country, these restaurants are able to welcome patrons back inside their doors for indoor dining. However, many franchise owners have chosen not to open their doors because they simply don’t have the appropriate staff to handle it.

As one McDonald’s franchisee explained:

“Stimulus and unemployment are killing the workforce.”

Other franchises that Business Insider talked to have stopped their typical late-night service, and some have even stopped serving breakfast altogether. They aren’t able to accommodate the extra hours because they can’t hire enough workers to staff the business properly.

As one manager at McDonald’s said:

“We’re kind of struggling to hire because they only people who are applying are teenagers.”

Because of this, the current staff and managers at these franchises have had to pick up the slack. That has resulted in more hours worked by these employees as well as much more hectic shifts. The same McDonald’s manager said his sleep schedule is “completely out of wack” because of the various shifts he’s had to cover from day to day.

He continued:

“There’s been days I’ve worked 16 hours because we just couldn’t get coverage for it.”

Many of these franchise owners are blaming the latest economic stimulus package, which extended unemployment and boosted federal payments to it. It also gave another large direct stimulus check to people, and they’re now using that to keep themselves at home rather than apply for jobs at fast-food chains.