Matt Gaetz Gets The Last Laugh

( Politico reporter Tara Palmeri claimed this week that Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz could become “politically untouchable” if he survives the highly partisan controversy he is currently embroiled in. The Republican congressman for Florida’s 1st District was accused last month of being involved in a sex trafficking operation, traveling across state lines with a 17-year-old girl with the intention of having sexual relations.

Gaetz insisted that the allegations are not true, and Politico said that if he survives the scandal and stays in office, he’ll probably be so untouchable that he might even run for president.

“There is one thing I do think that is interesting about this,” Palmeri said. “It’s that if Matt Gaetz survives this, and say he does stay in office, he could be politically untouchable which would make him only more powerful if he gets through this. And I know that’s a crazy idea, but people are telling him that.”

“I know that for a fact. If he can come out of this, he’ll probably run for president,” Palmeri added.

Since the original claims were published, media outlets have hopped on the story and allege that Gaetz may have even paid women for drug-fueled sex at hotels in Florida after being introduced to them by Joel Greenberg, a former Seminole County tax collector who fraudulently received three payments totaling $432,700 from the government’s Economic Injury Disaster Loans scheme after he was previously arrested for identity theft.

It’s a weird story that just keeps getting weirder, but Gaetz still hasn’t been arrested or charged with any crimes and no evidence proving that the allegations are true has been food.

The investigation into Gaetz by the Department of Justice is believed to have stemmed from an investigation into Greenberg, who is currently behind bars and awaiting trial. He is reportedly cooperating with the police and has claimed that Gaetz paid women for sex.

Greenberg’s attorney also told the press, “I’m sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.”

Gaetz claims that the story is not only false but that he is at the center of an extortion plot from a former Department of Justice official who was attempting to blackmail his family into handing over $25 million in exchange for making the allegations against him go away.