Mass Shooter Shot Dead By Cops

( A Canadian mass shooter was shot dead by cops after going on a rampage in the Bellaria Residences complex in Vaughan, Ontario, according to The Daily Mail. The gunman, identified as Francesco Villi, 73, shot dead three men and two women after a five-year dispute with the apartment board.

Villi filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the building’s company alleging that electromagnetic waves were making him sick. Several videos posted to his social media accounts reportedly show him rambling about how his lawyers were trying to “torture” him.

He claims that an electrical unit beneath his unit was causing him breathing issues after he was diagnosed with chronic lung disease. After being accused of threatening other residents, property management, and workers, a judge ordered that he stop recording board members, residents, or property management of the company.

He was also barred from making social media posts about the court proceedings and engaging in personal communication with the corporation except through writing. Shortly after, the court found him in contempt of the order as he communicated with staff and posted several videos to social media.

The lawsuit states that Villi believed that the board members intentionally wanted to harm him “likely at the behest of the powerful developer who built the condominium,” adding that they have conspired to keep the truth about the matter hidden.

Resident John Santoro reportedly served on the board for about a year and called the situation “tragic,” recalling that he had heard “commotion” in the hall and when he opened the door saw police with rifles by the elevator lobby.

After killing five people, police shot and killed Ville on the third floor. He allegedly used an illegal “semi-automatic handgun.” Cops declined to provide a motive for the shooting.

A 66-year-old woman was critically injured in the shooting and is currently being treated in the hospital.

Villi was a 24-year veteran with the York police.