Mass Exodus May Soon Come From Democrat-Led City

( According to a poll conducted by SF Next, San Francisco, California, citizens are ready to leave the city due to rising discontent with homelessness and public safety.
According to an SF Next study, about two-thirds of respondents believe the city has “gone bad” since they first arrived, with 70 percent feeling things are unlikely to improve in the next three years. Almost 40 percent of San Franciscans think they will leave the city within that time.
The research showed those most inclined to leave the city are between the ages of 18 and 34, with 54 percent stating they are planning to depart. Between April 2020 and July 2021, 20 percent of San Francisco residents aged 25 to 29 moved out.
According to the study, respondents regarded homelessness as the most serious issue, followed by public safety and housing affordability. Less than a quarter of those polled expect the city will make adjustments to improve circumstances within the next two years.
Over 60 percent of respondents believed racism was the cause, or a contributing factor, in the city’s inability to solve problems.
One San Francisco resident told local San Francisco media he was becoming sick of the city. He longed for the hippie generation when it was all about brotherly love. And that is no longer the case.
SF Next polled 1,653 residents over the age of 18.
The population drop is part of a nationwide trend, with 55.5 percent of 384 metropolitan areas seeing population declines.

According to reports, San Francisco experienced the sixth most significant numerical loss of inhabitants.

In March, the San Francisco Business Times stated that the city and surrounding region were losing residents even before the COVID-19 outbreak, with many individuals choosing lower housing rates, better schools, and safer communities.

San Franciscans are free to move where ever they like, just as long as they remember to throw their Socialist voting habits in the garbage before they cross the border.