Marilyn Manson’s Home Searched By Law Enforcement

( Rock musician Marilyn Manson has long been known for his goth look and weird lifestyle, but it turns out that there might be something a little more sinister about his behavior.

Reports suggest that the home of Manson was searched on Monday by authorities following accusations of sexual and physical abuse by multiple women.

The search of the musician’s property was confirmed by Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Eva Jimenez, who said that a warrant was served on the home of Brian Hugh Warner – which is Manson’s real name.

That’s not such a Rockstar name…

Little was given in the way of details, but we already know that detectives started investigating Manson earlier this year. The LA County Sheriff’s Department said in February that reports had been made of sexual and physical abuse that allegedly took place in his West Hollywood home between 2009 and 2011.

The women making the investigations have remained anonymous for the most part, but a handful of women have come out and publicly detailed the abuse they allegedly faced at the hand of Manson.

Some of the women have even filed lawsuits against him, prompting much of the international music community to snub Manson.

One woman is Evan Rachel Wood, a former actress from “Westworld” who claimed in an Instagram post in February that Manson abused her. That was followed by Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco who sued Manson in federal court in May, claiming that he physically, emotionally, and sexually abused her. She says that Manson even broke human trafficking laws by transporting her from England to California for roles in music videos and films that didn’t exist.

The rock musician’s attorney Howard E. King refused to provide comment on the latest search of his home, and the musician has categorically denied the claims. His lawyer says that the claims are “provably false.”

We’ll see.