Marco Rubio Supports $2000 Stimulus Checks That Trump Pushed For

( More Republicans are throwing their weight behind President Donald Trump’s push to increase the COVID stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000, with Republican Senator for Florida Marco Rubio publicly supporting the idea.

Writing on Twitter, Rubio explained how Americans need bigger direct payments while Democrat governors continue shutting down states.

“I am concerned about the debt, but working families have been hurt badly by the pandemic,” he said. “This is why I supported $600 direct payments to working families & if given the chance will vote to increase the amount.”

Sadly, the vote didn’t come in the week after he said this on December 29, and it looks like we’ll have to wait for the new Congress to be sworn in for any such vote to go to the Senate floor.

Rubio also tweeted a link to a press release on his official website in which he goes into greater detail about the $900 billion COVID relief package – a piece of legislation that the Democrats insisted contained millions of dollars in provisions for other countries and non-COVID-related funding.

The Florida Senator said he supports the president’s $2,000 direct payment push and reminded readers that Republics “tried to pass additional relief for workers, families, and small businesses – only to be rejected by Democrats at every turn.”

Don’t forget that it was Nancy Pelosi that stopped negotiations before the election, and repeatedly insisted on far-left policy measures like the Green New Deal to be included in the package.

And in fact, that’s what Rubio said in his piece.

“Remember, months ago Speaker Pelosi and Democrats rejected the Administration’s previous offer of $1,200 per adult and $1,000 per child. Thankfully, she’s finally stopped holding working families hostage,” he explained.

Pelosi appeared to have hoped that holding up negotiations would help the Democrats in the presidential election, and if we are to believe that the election was not compromised by fraud and misconduct, her tactics certainly worked.

Seeing Rubio and other more establishment GOP figures get behind Trump populism even during what could be the final weeks of his presidency is a promising sign for the Republican party.

New legislation to increase the stimulus checks from $600 to $2,00 will need the support of two-thirds of the Senate once it goes to the floor.