Marco Rubio Says Senate Impeachment Vote Might Happen Sunday Morning

( Speaking on The Hugh Hewitt Show on Friday, Senator Marco Rubio suggested that a vote on the Senate impeachment hearing of former President Donald Trump could happen as soon as Saturday night or Sunday morning.

It follows days of debate in the Senate, where Democrats argued that former President Donald Trump incited a violent riot and “insurrection” at the Capitol Building on January 6 for encouraging his supporters to “fight” for democracy.

Republicans argued that the hearing is unconstitutional as Donald Trump is now a private citizen and that the use of the word “fight” does not indicate a desire to violently overthrow the United States government as Democrats use the same word all the time.

Senator Rubio, who will vote to acquit former President Trump, said that the country would “regret” a vote to impeach a private citizen who is no longer in the White House, as well as the vote to deem such a move as constitutional in the first place.

“Even assuming Congress did have the constitutional power to impeach and remove a former official, it shouldn’t and here’s why,” he said. “It’s the creation of a new political weapon that will, we will see used. We’ll regret creating that weapon.”

Rubio said that one day, it will be used by a Democrat-controlled Senate to “disqualify a former cabinet member who wants to challenge a Democratic incumbent.”

The logic there being that a former cabinet member may wish to run for office, but Democrats could quickly stop the candidate from running by pushing an impeachment hearing and voting to impeach and convict the individual despite having already left office.

“And one day, it’ll be used by a former Republican, future Republican Senate to disqualify a Democratic vice president from running for president,” he added.

Is he hinting at Kamala Harris, there?

“We’ll regret creating that tool,” he said. “Donald Trump is now a private citizen. And if in fact, he has committed crimes as the House managers claim he has, then he is answerable to the civil and criminal courts of this country – no longer to the Senate.”

On the issue of the vote, Rubio said that it could be as early as Saturday night or Sunday morning.

The Senate needs 67 votes to convict former President Donald Trump. Senator Lindsey Graham said earlier this week that he believes at least 44 Republican Senators will vote to acquit the former president, suggesting that he will be acquitted.