Many Democrats Would Rather Have a Republican Than Biden

Almost half of American voters would rather anyone else in the White House than President Biden. Even some Democrats say they would prefer a Republican over the current President. A poll conducted by SSRS for CNN revealed that 46% believe any of the Republican candidates are preferable to Biden, while only 32% said he is better than the GOP hopefuls. Donald Trump is preferable to any Democrat, according to 38%, while 44% believe the opposite and would prefer any Democrat over Trump.

The result confirms a widespread unease among the American public about a Trump–Biden rematch in 2024. Last year, several surveys showed that Americans are unhappy about either President re-entering the Oval Office. In a poll in June 2022, for example, 65% of voters said Biden shouldn’t run again, and 55% said the same about Trump.

In the SSRS poll conducted from 25 to 31 August, a staggering 82% said they want a different President. Nevertheless, Democrats still see Biden as the best chance of beating Donald Trump. The other contenders are Robert F. Kenndy, who usually polls around 9%, and Marianne Williamson, who surveys place at around 3%. Republicans who defeated President Biden in the poll were Nikki Haley at 49% compared to the President’s 43%, and Donald Trump with 47% to Biden’s 46%.

Democrats cite President Biden’s age as their primary concern, with some saying the economy has gotten worse under his leadership. Regarding age, 73% believe Biden is too old, while 47% say the same about President Trump. The current President’s approval rating has dropped to just 39%.

Among Republicans more broadly, the situation remains largely unchanged. A YouGov survey for the Economist, conducted from September 10 to 12, sees Donald Trump maintaining his lead at 55%, compared to second-place Ron DeSantis on 16%. The same survey placed Nikki Haley in third place at 6%, level with Vivek Ramaswamy. Mike Pence is on 4%, Tim Scott at 3%, and Chris Christie is at 2%.