Many Democrats Support Communist Party’s Genocide, Poll Finds

( A shocking new poll from Gallup just revealed that Democrats are three times more likely to express favorable views of the Chinese Communist Party, which oversees an ongoing genocide of the Uighur people, than Republicans.

Which party is the party of racism and bigotry, again?

The poll, which was performed in early February, showed that only 10 percent of Republicans would express a positive opinion of China. Some 22 percent of Independents did the same, and a surprisingly large 27 percent of Democrats said they had a “favorable opinion of China.”

On March 1, Gallup released the poll and described how the opinion of China and Russia among Americans have “hit historic lows,” but the real story here is how more than one-quarter of Democrats still support China despite its constant human rights abuses.

“Americans’ favorable ratings of China have plummeted to a record low 20%, following a 13-percentage point drop in favorability from 33% a year ago. This comes on the heels of last year’s eight-point decline, measured after the coronavirus first spread in China but before it became a worldwide pandemic,” Gallup reported.

This data has been tracked since 1979, and while Americans’ favorable opinions of China have rarely risen above 50% since the late 1980s, there was a surprising spike around 2018 during the middle of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Since then, and since China has engaged in disinformation campaigns over the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American people appear to have had enough.

“Partisans’ ratings of China have all worsened since 2020, but Republicans’ remains the lowest. Republicans’ favorable rating fell 13 percentage points to 10%, Democrats’ declined eight points to 27% and independents’ is down 17 points to 22%,” Gallup also revealed.

Republicans lead the way in roundly condemning genocide and human rights abuses, while Democrats continue to make excuses.

During a recent town hall discussion hosted by CNN in Milwaukee, President Joe Biden brushed off human rights abuses in China by claiming the nation simply had different “cultural norms.”

President Joe Biden has since indicated that he is prepared to “compete” with China, but has not continued the former administration’s pressure campaign to get the communist nation to stop its abuses.