Man Who Was “Found Dead” In 2014 Found Alive And Well 

( According to media accounts, a man in his 80s who was thought to have been cremated after an automobile wreck was discovered alive nearly a decade later. 

After escaping from a Chinese nursing facility and being discovered deceased by the side of the road, Zhuo Kangluo allegedly resurfaced in a nearby hamlet. 

According to China News Network, Chongqing officials initially got a report of a guy behaving suspiciously back in August. 

Due to the man’s unwillingness to respond to questions, police initially had difficulty identifying him, but a DNA test linked him to Zhuo Kangluo’s brother. 

A guy named Zhuo has mistakenly identified as the victim of an automobile accident nine years ago. 

It has been said that his nephew did not want an autopsy performed, and as DNA testing was not an option for close relatives, his corpse was burned. 

Zhuo’s grandson supposedly recognized the man’s appearance from a missing people ad. 

The guy allegedly wept when visited and could accurately spell his relatives’ names. 

Chinese police are reportedly trying to determine the identity of the individual who was misidentified as Zhuo in 2014. 

Zhuo has been treated with caution since his comeback. 

Meanwhile, a 36-year-old man who was presumed dead and cremated in India also made a startling reappearance eight months later. 

According to the Times of India, the gruesome plot started on June 7 when Deepak Balakrishnan Kandi, a resident of Meppayur, vanished, and a missing person’s report was filed. 

On July 17, authorities in Kerala found what they believed to be Kandi’s corpse on a beach. 

The funeral service was held, and the missing man’s family burned the corpse, ending the mystery. 

Kerala police didn’t figure out that the body wasn’t Kandi’s until many days later; it turned out to be that of another missing person, Irshad, who looked just like the erstwhile MIA guy. 

Once a DNA test proved they had the incorrect suspects, police began searching for Kandi, and the local crime division took up the case.