Man Pleads Guilty For Smuggling Humans In Coffin Wrapped With US Flag

( President Joe Biden’s border crisis continues, with a Texas man recently admitting that he tried to get in on the action by attempting to smuggle two people into the United States in October last year…in a coffin covered with an American flag.

33-year-old Zachary Taylor Blood pleaded guilty to one count of smuggling aliens, according to a statement released by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas. The man was found transporting the coffin in his vehicle, covered in an American flag, through a Border Patrol checkpoint near the United States-Mexico border.

Once officials saw the basket, Blood claimed that he was transporting a “dead guy, Navy guy.” The draping of the American flag over a coffin often indicates that the deceased person served in the United States Military.

Attention was drawn to the coffin, however, given its poor condition. Scuffed, scratched, and scraped, the broken coffin had the American flag unprofessionally taped to the casket using packing tape.

Blood was moved into a secondary inspection area, which is where two Mexican men were discovered hiding inside the casket.

The two men found in the casket admitted that they had paid a smuggler to get them out of Mexico and into the United States, first stopping in San Antonio. Blood is now looking at up to five years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000.