Man Arrested For Attacking Projector During Conservative Talk

( According to Benny Johnson’s social media description of the events, a man was detained last Tuesday night after assaulting a projector at a Turning Point USA “Meme Wars” event.

Johnson, a former Daily Caller staffer, was organizing an event on memes at the University of Iowa when he exhibited one of Vice President Kamala Harris. The meme showed Harris exiting her home and saying, “Oh my God, I love it!” as a mariachi singer danced in front of the bus and mariachi music played in the background, seemingly in reference to the illegal migrants bused to the Vice President’s home earlier in September by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Harris’ joy when she spotted her campaign bus for the 2020 presidential election was captured in the original, non-meme video.

A video report shows one man who stood at the back of the room appeared to be very agitated by the meme. As he charged to the front of the room, he kicked over the projector and started to curse. “F*ck you!” he yelled. “Racist ass sh*t!” he cried.
“F*cking ***, I swear to ***!” Said the man dressed like a shipless pirate.

Johnson later announced the man’s arrest on Twitter, calling it the first meme-attack-arrest in American history to his knowledge.

According to Johnson, the incident demonstrated that the left can’t meme.
Johnson stated in a Twitter message that he frequently asserts the left can’t meme, and he proved it during a speech on memes at the University of Iowa Turning Point USA chapter.

He explained that during his presentation, he played an innocuous meme of Kamala Harris greeting refugees on a bus set to nice mariachi music. That’s when a ‘low-T commie’ high on soy erupted violently. Johnson continued his Twitter conversation, stating that he watched as the lib made an unprovoked attack on an innocent projector.

Was the man who kicked over the projector a Kamala Harris’ speech writer?