Man Arrested During School Board Meeting For Not Sitting Down

( Of all the examples of government tyranny exposed during the COVID Panic, the tyranny from local school boards has got to be among the most startling. These petty, tin-pot tyrants have proven themselves intolerant of parental involvement in the decisions that directly impact their own children.

Several Florida school boards are vowing to fight back against Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order barring school districts from mandating masks. Ironically, they accuse DeSantis of being a tyrant for refusing to let them play the tyrant.

Of course they don’t see it that way.

Last week, after hours of contentious debate, the Palm Beach County School Board voted to allow its general counsel to seek outside counsel in order to either file a lawsuit or join an existing lawsuit against the governor’s mask mandate ban.

During the meeting, members of the audience began shouting the Pledge of Allegiance. As school board chair Frank Barbieri tried to read through the rules of the meeting, he stopped to ask police to remove one person from the chamber. When he was unable to regain order, Barbieri ordered school police to remove anyone in attendance who refused to take their seats in the room reserved for unmasked people.

One man, 33-year-old Everett Cooper, refused to cooperate so police arrested him and charged him with disturbing the peace, resisting an officer and trespassing.

As he was being handcuffed, Cooper said that he was being arrested “because I chose to speak.”

The board later voted to move forward with pursuing legal action against the ban on mask mandates.

In his July order banning mandates in schools, Governor DeSantis threatened to withhold funding to any school district that defied the ban and enacted mask mandates. The governor reiterated at the time that the decision whether or not to have a child wear a mask in school should be left up to the child’s parents, rather than mandated by the school.

In addition to Palm Beach County, several other Florida school districts are defying the governor’s order and enforcing mask mandates – including Alachua, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Sarasota school districts.