Man Arrested After Strangling Cop, Stealing Police Cruiser

A Bellevue Police officer recuperates at home after an attempted strangulation with a burglary suspect.

The incident began when a 22-year-old individual allegedly broke into a dealership, instigating not one but two chases with the police.

Bellevue police reported that alarms from the Auto Nation dealership were triggered around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers found the suspect inside, attempting to break open a safe.

“The suspect made an escape from the premises by shattering a window. He then rushed to a car, with officers trying to prevent him from accessing it,” informed Bellevue Police Patrol Major Alycia McKinney.

During the ensuing commotion, the suspect reportedly assaulted an officer.

Bellevue local Divya Polson remarked, “It’s audacious of him to resist like that.”

The man then reportedly escaped in a purloined vehicle. However, he soon met an accident near North East 8th Street and 124th Avenue North East.

McKinney added, “Our officers promptly responded, attempting to detain him.”

In an unexpected twist, the young man hijacked a police vehicle and sped southward on 405.

Drawing a comparison from popular culture, resident Jacob Burke said, “Him driving away in a police car is reminiscent of scenes from the video game GTA5. It’s surreal.”

Bellevue PD coordinated with the Washington State Patrol and neighboring areas to contain the situation. The runaway vehicle was sighted in Kent on South 228th Street.

“Tukwila authorities managed to lay down spike strips to decelerate the vehicle, eventually carrying out a pit maneuver to stop it,” McKinney elaborated.

Though the suspect tried to flee on foot again, he was promptly apprehended.

The series of events left locals in disbelief. Polson commented, “It’s perplexing. He wasn’t handcuffed, which makes it all the more astonishing that he could escape after the first chase.”

Authorities have listed multiple charges against the 22-year-old, including burglary, assault, vehicle theft, evasion, hit and run, obstruction, driving with a suspended license, and driving under the influence.