Liz Cheney Teases A 2024 Presidential Run

( Liz Cheney, a conservative swamp dweller, is teasing a 2024 presidential run.
On Saturday, Cheney spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss the hack committee’s new ‘bombshell’ allegations (spoiler: there were none). Jake Tapper addressed the unpopular Wyoming congressman about her reelection attempt and plans.

Cheney is optimistic despite plummeting poll ratings in her state and widespread conservative disdain. She doesn’t rule out a 2024 presidential run. That’s brazen for someone losing her congressional seat to a Trump-backed opponent.

Cheney is keeping her options open. If she ran, she’d face Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. She also branded President Trump “unfit for office.”

Amazing nerve.

According to Cheney, America needs “serious candidates” – which is ridiculous considering the political dog-and-pony show she’s presently partaking in. She remarked that as we look towards the next presidential election, she feels our nation sits on the verge of an abyss, and we must elect serious people.

Peak delusion.

Cheney said she’ll decide on 2024 later as she focuses on the Jan. 6 committee.

Sunday on Fox News, Cheney again spoke of her indecision but indicated she’d do well. Cheney mentioned the fake news media’s positive reaction to the 1/6 show trials as proof.

The deranged hacker shouts “insurrection” every chance she gets.

She said It’s not just her saying Trump is unsuitable. Rupert Murdoch’s companies have said so. The New York Post and Wall Street Journal editorials expressed the same this Thursday and Friday night. She said she’ll keep doing her duty and ensure the American people understand what she is doing.

If we lived in a genuine nation with above-board elections, Cheney would be laughed out of any room in America for even considering a presidential run after betraying her constituents.

But, she gets to test the waters on weekend shows that eat up her act with a spoon.

Cheney vs. Trump would be a duel for the ages, like Hillary vs. Trump in 2016.

Who knows, maybe Cheney could ditch her RINO act, switch to the party she belongs to and run with Hillary?