Lisa Murkowski May Finally Be Headed Out

( Dick Morris, a political consultant, predicts that Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, will not survive the general election in November.

Morris predicted that Lisa would be unsuccessful during an interview on the “Chris Salcedo Show” on Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

Morris said that It is essential to have a solid comprehension of how Murkowski arrived at her current position, which he details in his book, “The Return.”

Her father, Frank, served for a number of years in the Senate until he resigned to pursue the position of governor. But, he did not step down from his position in the Senate until after he had been sworn in as governor. This granted him the authority to select the person who would succeed him as a senator. After searching the entire state, he decided that his daughter Lisa was the individual in the state with the highest level of expertise.

As a direct consequence of this, people in Alaska felt compelled to express their displeasure, and as a result, a petition was started, which ultimately resulted in an amendment to the constitution that prohibits similar actions in the future. When Murkowski actually ran for the office she held, she was not accepted into the Republican primary; consequently, she ran as an independent, and once again, she was essentially unsuccessful. However, a judge decided that she was victorious due to illegitimate votes, forged ballots, and voters who were not entitled to vote.

This is the same thing that happened with Trump in 2020.

To make matters worse. Governor Frank Murkowski appointed the judge who issued the ruling.

Murkowski and Trump-backed Kelly Tshibika, the former commissioner of administration for the state of Alaska, will move on to the general election.
Both finished in first and second place, respectively, in the open, nonpartisan primary that took place on Tuesday. This guarantees them two of the four seats in the general election that will be determined by ranked-choice voting in November.

When she voted to convict Trump in his second trial for impeachment, Senator Murkowski earned the ire of President Trump.

The president has referred to Senator Lisa Murkowski as the “disasta’ from Alaska.”

In his endorsement, published in June 2021, he lauded Tshibaka as “the candidate who can beat Murkowski” and “a fighter who advocates for Alaska principles and America First.”