Lindsey Graham Says “Hats Off” To Democrats After Defeat

(  South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham went on NBC following last night’s partial election results.

According to the Conservative website Gateway Pundit, Graham told NBC it was definitely not a Republican wave. He then joked that he was in charge of Guam and wanted to take credit for that. Guam flipped red for the first time in three decades.

Gateway Pundit asserted that Graham did all he could to help Democrats this election cycle.

The website then listed some of the faults of the Biden administration:

The rate of inflation is at a 40-year high and is not Declining.

Under Joe Biden, gas prices are at their all-time high, a direct outcome of his anti-energy policies.

Joe Biden gave the Taliban control of Afghanistan in exchange for $80 billion worth of US armaments, including 600,000 guns and 200 aircraft.

The Biden administration ignored that an Islamist bomber was hiding among the passengers at the Kabul Airport. 13 American soldiers lost their lives as a result.  After Joe Biden abandoned crucial US assets, the Islamist bomber was freed from Bagram prison.

Joe Biden also openly declared war on his political rivals.

This year, Joe Biden allowed 2 million illegal immigrants to cross the border. More than 100,000 people die yearly due to Joe Biden’s open border policy that allowed massive amounts of illegal drugs to enter the country.

In just 18 months, Joe Biden caused a recession in the US economy.

Gateway Pundit alleges Graham wanted to change the topic. He wanted to ensure that Democrats had a motivator to vote. Graham wanted the midterm elections in 2022 to center entirely on abortion.  He even introduced legislation several weeks ago to outlaw abortion in the US beyond 15 weeks.
Republicans had no chance of enacting this law. They weren’t the majority. Thus, prompting Charlie Kirk to accuse Graham of potential election interference on his show.

Gateway Pundit pondered if it was Graham’s idea to aid Democrats this election cycle or if another party was involved. Was the idea implemented to make it more difficult for Republicans to win elections? This way, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham could chastize the populist GOP supporters for any losses. Could they be awful enough to do something like this?

You bet!