Lindsey Graham Issues Warning About “Power Grab”

( Republican Senator for South Carolina Lindsey Graham lashed out at the Democrats’ radical “voting rights” plan on Fox News on Sunday, describing it as the “biggest power grab in the history of the country.”

And given how Democrats utilized the COVID-19 pandemic to push the most government-expanding programs in history, that’s saying something.

Speaking about a recent compromise on the Democrats’ “For the People Act put forward by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Graham said that he couldn’t support the plan without changes being made to the redistricting plan.

Manchin’s proposed plan would have changed the way redistricting occurs in the states, while Senator Graham said on the show that it is the right of each state to determine their own districts, and he would not support Manchin’s compromise unless that is addressed.

Addressing S.R.1. – the technical name for the For the People Act – Graham described that “power grab” involves mandating ballot harvesting, which would allow activists to collect ballot papers and submit them on behalf of voters. He also referenced the redistricting plans, taking control away from the states, and explained how the legislation is attempting to “fix a problem most Republicans have a different view of.”

Host Chris Wallace proved his anti-Republican sentiment during the interview, too, referring to the January 6 riots as an “insurrection” and attempting to portray Manchin’s plan as a compromise, noting that it wouldn’t actually change the way redistricting works in America…even though it does.

Senator Graham said that he likes the Democratic West Virginia senator a lot, but said he doesn’t like the idea of taking power away from state legislators.

Graham also slammed the Democrats for their continued efforts to force through congress an “infrastructure” bill that would spend as much as $6 trillion in new money on various non-infrastructure-related projects.